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Back to Basics Sales Training Using the Sell More Now System

What would happen if you:

Changed the way you manage your territory so you quit calling on the wrong accounts and prospects and concentrated on those that matter most?

Got control of your time and your priorities and did more of those things that produce the sales results you are looking?

Used sales techniques that make your prospects want to do business with you, and no one else?

Knew how to get your present customers to hand you deals on a silver platter that are ready to close?

Could turn killer objections into reasons a prospect should do business with you?

Would you be less of a 'professional visitor' and more of a proactive sales producer?

Identify the prospect, research and analyze the situation, provide the solution in a clear presentation and ask for the order.

Sales come from three sources:
Renewal sales from current customers
New sales from current customers, and
New sales from new customers

You Do the Numbers!

Can you, or your salespeople, be successful just by filling orders from your current customers and gratefully accepting only what they are willing to let you have in sales? No way!

Take a look at where you, or your salespeople, are spending your time. I'll bet way too much time is spent calling on your current customers, servicing them and "building relationships" that, somehow, never turn into the additional new sales you need to achieve your sales goals.

The result of this misdirection of effort and misallocation of time is simply this:

Bad things happen when you aren't selling enough New Business to meet the sales expectations of your company.

Sales Training: Selling Smarter Course Outline

Sales Training: Overcoming Objections and Nailing the Sale
Sales Training: Selling Smarter
Sales Training: Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool
Internet marketing: Using the Computer and PDA as a Communications and Sales Tool

What selling is all about?
Behind every sale is a person
Find out what they want
Figure out how to help them get it
People buy trust and service
That first seven seconds
The real value of setting the right goals
Setting achievable goals and executing to make it happen
The characteristics of SMART goals
Developing a strategy to reach your goals
Celebrating success & thinking like a winner
Know your products and services
What are your products and services?
What are their outstanding features or USPs?
How do these benefit customers?
Telephone techniques
The verbal handshake
Using your voice effectively
Telephone manners
Using your telephone as a sales tool
Building relationships by phone
Deal with objections
Using technology like email, and twitter, to improve the bottom line
Ask for the sale
Personal Action Plan
Suggested Reading List

Results - performance, productivity and profitability. This had to go beyond dollars.
It has to evaluate employee satisfaction, or reducing turnover, or increase customer relationship management.

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